Corrosion protection of hot water boilers

Guldager offers more solutions to corrosion protection of hot water boilers. Depending on the boiler type, installation etc. we offer among others cathodic protection and electrolysis. They have in common, that they are controlled by our UniControl, which offers many features for the continuing monitoring and supervision of your corrosion protection plant.

Advantages of UniControl:

  • Requires minimum access to the plant
  • No reading procedure
  • Alarm at operationel irregularitets
  • Collects and save operational data
  • Future proof solution
  • Online communication
  • Remote adjustment of operational parameters

Cathodic Protection of the boiler prevents corrosion

Cathodic protection uses an impressed current to prevent the natural resolution of iron, which appears when it comes in contact with water.

The current is distributed to the inner surface of the boiler by dissolvable anodic threads, which are attached to lead-ins on the boiler side.
The anode threads provide corrosion protection without unnecessary dissolution of eg. magnesium or Zink. Consequently, there will be no need of removing dissolved anodic material from the boiler, which minimizes the maintenance costs.
Current supervision of the plant through the pilot cell ensures constantly protection of the boiler.



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