Water of a certain quality is often required for industrial purposes

Water is a very important resource in a wide range of industries, where it is normally encountered as raw water, process water or as wastewater. This water needs to be treated prior to entering the process to ensure that its quality and properties will support the industrial process as effectively as possible. At least it needs to be ensured that it will cause minimal damage to process equipment.

Furthermore, a clear trend today among industries that use large amounts of water, such as steel, food & beverage, etc., is to recycle and reuse water to an increasingly high degree, thereby reducing water consumption as well as pollution – all of which lead to cost reductions.

Guldager‘s water purification solutions are very flexible and thereby highly adaptable to customer requirements.

Fundamentals of Membrane Technology

Membranes play an important role in many exchange separation processes. In nature such as those in- volved in the metabolism of living cells or in the water uptake of plants.
They have the property to allow certain substances to pass (usually fluids) easily and present an almost insurmountable barrier for other substances.
Through the production of synthetic membranes, it has become possible to make use of this fascinating exchange and separation properties of the mem- branes for technical processes as well on a large scale and on a long-term basis. In most technical applica- tions, the separation property of the membranes is used.

Membrane process has two typical features:

  • They work on basis of purely physical prop erties, i.e. the components that have to be separated are neither thermally nor chemic ally or biologically altered.
  • They feature a modular design and can hence be adapted to any flow capacity.

The driving force for the separation is provided by the transmembrane – pressure difference. The vari- ous pressure-driven processes microfiltration, ultra- filtration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis differ in the pressure difference. The smaller the pores of the membrane, the greater the pressure difference.
Pressure-driven membrane processes allow separa- tion down to the molecular level.


Area of application of ultrafiltra- tion systems

  • Drinking water treatment (disinfection)
  • Wastewater filtration
  • Surface water treatment
  • Filter flush water treatment
  • Pool water treatment
  • Industrial water treatment in the food and beverage industry
  • Cooling water treatment



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