UniSoft® KT


For professional dishwashers and washing machines, for boiler units and for pretreatment in reversed osmosis units etc.

If higher capacity is required, see the rest of our range of softening units.

The two integral water meters provide system control. The automatic control system works without electricity, being powered only by water pressure.

The automatic control system must be set to the hardness of the local water when the system is commissioned. No further adjustment of the unit is necessary.

The moving parts of the control system are in contact with soft water only – avoiding operating failures and build-up of limescale on moving parts.

Regeneration is triggered by soft water consumption and is controlled automatically by the water meters. While tank A is regenerating, tank B supplies soft water. Regeneration is performed against the flow – this saves water and energy and conserves the filter material.

Only soft water is used for regeneration, prolonging the service life of moving parts.


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